Welcome to the SCA Shire of Shadowed Stars

The Shire of Shadowed Stars lays claim to the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana and the northeast corner of the region of Constellation (the state of Indiana), which lies within the SCA Kingdom of the Middle or Midrealm. It includes Adams, Allen, Dekalb, Steuben and Wells counties, as well as Noble and Whitley counties east of SR 9 and Huntington county south of the Wabash River.

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The members of the Shire of Shadowed Stars are always happy to show off what we do and spread the love of learning about the Middle Ages. Contact our Chatelaine, Broinninn ingen Magnusa (Mary Wiard) to get your demo scheduled.

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Becoming a Barony
Information Point for the Transition

Mounted War Games IV heralded the announcement that we are becoming a barony. Hoobah! With the expedited pace of the transition, there's a lot of planning to stay on top of. Here you'll find all the latest information and details.

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Mounted War Games IV
Raising the Bar

On Labor Day Weekend, 2014 Mounted War Games IV became our most successful equestrian event to date, with more riders than ever and great fun for everyone who attended. What's more, we were honored by Their Royal Majesties' announcement of our baronial transition!

This Land 2014

A new venue, a beautiful day, and a wonderful crowd of well over 100 of our dearest friends — This Land 2014 was nothing short of a smash hit. We fought, we taught, we feasted, and we frolicked. Thank you all for making this the best This Land yet!

Fall RUM 2013 Event Report
by Lady Broinninn ingen Magnusa

"I didn't find out until this year what exactly this event is and how much work and dedication and love for the Society goes into making it happen. Well, it turns out that I have been missing out...."

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Come Out and Play!

Looking for a fun way to get out, meet great people, and have fun? From marshaled activities like heavy weapons and fencing to arts and sciences such as dance, sewing, and period crafts, there are countless ways to get involved.

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