Mounted War Games III Labor Day Weekend (August 30–September 2), 2013

Welcome to Mounted War Games III

As the war drums of summer begin to fade, the pounding of hooves alert the Midrealm that Mounted War Games are afoot! Welcome to the third Mounted War Games hosted by the Shire of Shadowed Stars. With a full selection of Equestrian games and challenges, armored fighting, rapier combat, archery competitions, hound coursing, and more, this yearly outdoor event has something for everyone. Check out what this year's Mounted War Games III has to offer.

Featuring Special Guest: Master Patrick von Brandenburg

We're honored to host Master Patrick von Brandenburg for a special guest workshop covering the essentials of period mounted combat. Using a pair of unique "Equi-Sim" horse simulators, Master Patrick will demonstrate and guide participants through the arts of mounted grappling, swordsmanship, and lancing in a thrilling 2-hour course starting at 2:00PM on Saturday. Master Patrick has also generously offered to share his wealth of knowledge of Period Riding and Resources and Cut and Thrust swordsmanship on Sunday.


The Site

The site for Mounted War Games III is Heritage Stables in Peru, Indiana, a 24-acre private horse stable with open grass fields that accommodate all marshaled events with ample room left over for camping. There's also a large indoor sand arena in case of inclement weather with amenities available for riders and their steeds.

Heritage Stables
1577 E Paw Paw Pike
Peru, Indiana, 46970

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Site Fees

Adult Weekend*
(ages 18 and over)
Adult Day Trip*
(ages 18 and over)
Minor Weekend*
(ages 7–17)
Minor Day Trip*
(ages 7–17)
(6 and under)
Electrical Hookup
(All Weekend)
Bedded Box Stall
(All Weekend)
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*Counts toward family cap of $60.00. Additional $5.00 surcharge applies to nonmembers 18 and over.


There's more than enough space for camping, so bring along a tent and join us. Tent locations are "first come, first served," and our camping area (a large and level field) provides plenty of room to spread out comfortably.

Onsite Food

The Shire of Shadowed Stars is pleased to offer the services of our concessions tavern, the Golden Shoe, which offers lunch, dinner, and more. Check out the menu below. Personal propane stoves are also allowed.

Site Rules

For safety reasons, non-horse people should stay out of the barn area except to access the restrooms and showers. Minors require direct supervision around horses and in the barns at all times. The site is wet. No uncontrolled fires allowed, but social bonfire gatherings are held each night and inexpensive firewood is available on site. You are responsible for your trash — if you bring it, please leave with it.

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Equestrian Activities Schedule

7:00PM Chariot Archery (all archers welcome)
8:00AM Authorizations (please be on time)
9:00AM The Quest to Rescue the Prince (challenge course)
10:30AM IKEqC
11:00AM Mounted Archery
2:00PM Lichtenaur’s Mounted Combat Class
with Master Patrick von Brandenburg
5:00PM Crest Combat Authorizations
6:30PM Crest Combat Battle
7:00PM Mounted Armored Combat
9:00PM Torchlight Tourney
8:00AM Driving a Cart 101
9:00AM Chariot Archery (all archers welcome)
10:30AM Hunting Challenge
2:00PM Jousting 101
2:30PM History of Jousting
5:00PM Rivenstar Relay
6:00PM Double Quintain Competition
7:00PM Jousting Tournament
9:00PM Announcement of Scores and Awards
9:00AM IKEqC

NOTE: If you are planning to bring your own horse, or if you wish to authorize for equestrian activities, please contact the equestrian marshal in charge, Lady Kiltigern, in advance.

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Equine Safety & Etiquette

  • Whenever possible, please WALK in view of horses (sudden movements or flapping objects are scary).
  • Horses are prey animals. if something scares them, they will run, regardless of who or what may be in the way.
  • Ears forward = happy or scared horse.
  • Ears pinned back = angry horse.
  • Twitching ears = listening horse.
  • Always ask the owner if you may approach a horse.
  • Never feed a horse without permission — your fingers may look tasty!
  • You will experience horse poop. Consider this an extra bit of middle-ages realism.

Armored Combat Activities

10:00AM Authorizations
11:00AM Circle bear pit tourney
Afternoon Melees
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Rapier Combat

9:30AM List opens for:
  • Inspections
  • Authorizations
  • duel at Dawn tourney
5:30PM Scorecard turn-in deadline
6:00PM List closes; semi-finals announced
(Sunrise) 7:30AM duel at Dawn
12:30PM Cut & Thrust Class with Master Patrick von Brandenburg
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The Duel at Dawn Tourney

Throughout the course of the day, each contestant must pick a series of duels with other contestants, offering insults, demanding satisfaction, and ultimately slipping off quietly to settle their disputes like well-bred lords and ladies. In order to qualify, each contestant MUST fight duels in each of five BASIC civilian weapon styles. Each duel is ten passes with the total number of wins and losses recorded in each basic category.


  • Single
  • Sword and dagger
  • Sword and cane (stick)
  • Sword and cloak
  • Case

HOWEVER, prowess of arms is determined by the percentage of wins to losses, not total number of wins. That's where the bonus rounds come into play. If a contestant wishes to increase his or her standings after completing all five BASIC styles, he or she may continue to offer BONUS round duels, which are significantly more challenging.


  • Offhand single
  • Best styles (both opponents)
  • Swiss Five Matched (single, +dagger, +ridged, +non-ridged, case)
  • Die roll (1=single, 2=+dagger, 3=+stick, 4=+cloak, 5=+buckler, 6=case)

If, at any time, a contestant isn't authorized in a style, he or she may either choose single sword or pick another style with the consent of his or her opponent. All doubles count as losses for both participants. No two participants may duel twice in a row, so when it's down to two remaining fighters, the main tourney is over. Good dueling grounds will be outlined around the camp and a marshal will be present at all times to see that justice is done in good conduct.

The two finalists with the highest scores will compete in a spectacular finalé staged as a period judicial duel. Seconds will be selected to negotiate terms (which must be approved by the MiC) and the final duel will take place either at the first light of dawn (or the last light of day, if conditions require it). The winner will take home as shiny new cloak.

But wait, there's more! There will also be a special prize for the participant who best embodies the noble virtues of our current-middle-ages courtier. Here are the criteria:

  • Bravado - That heroic attitude of facing each challenge with gusto.
  • Showmanship - From courtly bows to glorious deaths, how well can you ham it up?
  • Honor - The grace to do the right thing under any circumstances.
  • Wit - Rapiers aren't the sharpest things around here—let's hear the banter fly!

There will be spectators running around observing the action, and each participant will be evaluated for his or her bravado, showmanship, honor, and wit. All participants are also encouraged to submit ballots (they may not vote for themselves). As always, the most important aspect of this tourney is to have fun and look good doing it.

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Target Archery Activities

7:00PM Chariot Archery (on Equestrian list — all archers welcome)
10:00AM Range opens for:
  • Inspections
  • Open shooting
  • Royal Rounds
1:00PM Competition shoots:
  • Four challenging shoots to determine the best archers
    Prizes for the winning hand bow archer and winning crossbow archer
  • Open shooting following the competition
4:30PM Range closes
9:00AM Chariot Archery (on Equestrian list — all archers welcome)
9:30AM Main range opens for open shooting
12:00PM Range closes
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Other Activities

  • Hound Coursing
  • Cross-discipline Tourney
    ...and more!

Golden Shoe Tavern Menu

Lunch (Saturday and Sunday):

  • Chili and a vegetable soup (either hot or cold)
  • Hot dogs
  • Summer sausage plate (bread, sausage, and fruit)
  • Fresh mixed veggies and dip
  • Chips and cookies/baked goods
  • Water or soda

Saturday Dinner:

  • Roman stew
  • Vegetarian chicken stew
  • Salad

Sunday Dinner

  • Mediterranean fruited chicken
  • Hot cracked wheat/rice
  • Pasta bake

Lunch will be served around 11:00AM, and dinner around 5:00PM. While there is no breakfast this year, the Golden Shoe will offer coffee and tea in the morning, and possible some nosh. Menu and mealtimes subject to change.

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Event Steward Lady Cassandra of Wyndhaven (419) 965–2833*
Event Co Steward Lady Gwendolyn (260) 760–8480**
MiC Equestrian Lady Kiltigern
MiC Armored Combat Lord Fergus McPherson (260) 466–9462
MiC Rapier Lord Philipp Reimer
von Wolfenbüttel
(260) 267–0660
MiC Archery Lord Eadric
Tavern Keeper Baroness Halldora
*No calls after 9PM EST please.
**No calls after 10PM EST please.

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