This Land Is Our Land
...and it's our 30th Birthday!


April 26th, 2014

If you're not heading down to Blackstone Raids and you want to fight, feast, and make merry, come celebrate Shadowed Stars' 30th birthday with us.


We're delighted to announce our exciting NEW LOCATION:

Allen County Fairgrounds,
2726 Carroll Rd,
Fort Wayne, IN 46818

Site Rules

How Much?

Site fee is just $10 for SCA members ($5 non-member surcharge applies). Youths 10 and under FREE!

Feast is just $10 and includes our AMAZING dessert revel.

Schedule of Activities
Times and locations may change.

Time Activity
9:00AM Site opens.
10:00AM Armored list opens for authorizations
Rapier list opens for authorizations and free play, All-day Challenge tourney begins.
Traditional SCA Equestrian games demo (Q&A welcome).
SCA 101 class by Lady Maggie MacKeith begins.
Youth Scavenger Hunt begins.
Archery and Thrown Weapons ranges open.
11:00AM Lunch Tavern opens.
Armored Atlantian Speed Tourney begins with melees to follow.
Hound Coursing begins (weather permitting).
12:00PM Equestrian Meet & Greet
1:00PM Armored tourney hosted by the Grand Tournament Company of the Salamander begins.
Rapier Revenge Tourney begins with Alley Melee to follow.
Equestrian Challenge — riders compete in the games, spectators encouraged!
How to Start Your Fabric Stash class by Baroness Halldora begins.
2:00PM Lunch Tavern closes.
Scribal Arts class by Lady Moll Sotherden begins.
Youth Scavenger Hunt deadline.
3:00PM Equestrian Meet & Greet
Braiding class by Lady Gwendolyn (at the equestrian demo) begins.
4:00PM Equestrian Grand Demonstration (ends in time for Feast seating).
Beginning Viking Wire Weaving class by Lady Kolfinna.
5:00PM All lists and ranges close in preparation for feast.
5:30PM Seating for feast begins.
6:00PM Feast begins with Dessert Revel and dancing to follow.

Site Rules

Hosting This Land at the Allen County Fairgrounds gives us plenty of leeway for lenient site rules. The site is wet (please indulge responsibly). Dogs are allowed as long as they're leashed, except if they're actively coursing. Dress swords and other dress weapons are permitted. You are responsible for making sure that your trash makes it to an appropriate receptacle. If you smoke, please be courteous of others and do not litter. Random acts of jubilation are highly encouraged — this is a birthday celebration, after all.

Armored Fighting

Authorizations start at 10:00AM. There will be an Atlantian Speed Tourney starting at 11:00AM to determine raiding party leaders for the melees to follow. A tournament hosted by The Grand Tournament Company of the Salamander begins at 1:00PM.

Rapier and Cut & Thrust

Authorizations, free play, and the All-day Challenge Tourney start at 10:00AM. There will be a Round Robin Revenge Tourney starting at 1:00PM with melee scenarios to follow, including Lord Mael's infamous Alley Melee, a progressive melee in which an alleyway fight over a bag of coins escalates into a melee of guards vs thieves. Cut & Thrust activities to be determined by participation.


Hosted by special guest, Lord Matheus MacTavish from Sternfeld, we're pleased to offer a variety of archery activities throughout the day. Keep an eye out for more details.

Equestrian Demo

Shadowed Stars' own Equestrian Marshal, Lady Gwendolyn, will host a series of equestrian demonstrations, exhibiting many of the fun games and activities available to riders in the SCA and providing information about Shadowed Stars regular equestrian practices.

Hound Coursing

Hosted by Lady Giuliana Lucia Solari, hound coursing will begin at 11:00AM. Hound owners, must provide written proof of vaccination, a leash, a muzzle, food, and water. Please do not feed your hounds at least eight hours prior to coursing, and water them sparingly to prevent bloat.

Thrown Weapons

Special guest Master Jean Paul Pierrepont has graciously offered to run the thrown weapons line at This Land. If you enjoy the satisfying thunk of steel embedding into the target block, then we have the activity for you! Loaner throwing weapons are available.

Youth Scavenger Hunt

Arranged by Baroness Halldora, this site-wide scavenger hunt promises to be great fun for the kids!


We're pleased to play host to area merchants selling the wares that any good SCAdian needs. If you wish to merchant at our event, we'd love to have you here — no merchant fees! Please see the contacts section below for further inquiries.

Merchant List:

Costume Ladies
The Cheeky Monkey
Kathryn's Kreations

Class List

This year at This Land, we're pleased to offer a selection of fun and informative A&S classes.

SCA 101
by Lady Maggie MacKeith

The SCA is a vast collection of wonderful people and engaging activities, but sorting it all out can be a bit of a challenge. Join Shadowed Stars' own Lady Maggie MacKeith as she puts answers to all of the questions anyone new to the SCA may have.

How to Start Your Fabric Stash
by Baroness Halldora

New to buying fabric for period garb? Don’t know where to start? How much fabric do you need? And what the heck does Tabby mean? Baroness Halldora walks you through all these timeless questions and more.

Scribal Arts
by Lady Moll Sotherden

Learn the intricacies of calligraphy, the secrets of ink, and other mysteries of the quill in this class on the scribal arts taught by special guest Lady Moll Sotherden.

Better Your Braiding... with Horses!
by Lady Gwendolyn

Want to practice your braiding skills but can't find a willing vict— er... volunteer? Horses love that kind of attention and they will be available from 3–4PM for the small fee of one carrot. Books and simple braid handouts available for reference. Braiding supplies provided. Spend time with our equine partners and improve your braiding abilities!

Beginning Viking Wire Weaving
by Lady Kolfinna

Viking wire weaving is a beautiful art and surprisingly easy to get into. In this class taught by special guest, Lady Kolfinna, you'll craft your own viking wire weaving rig and leave with a draw board, dowel rod, wire spool, and hopefully a good start on your first wire weaving project.

This class will be limited to six participants. Materials will be provided at cost for $5.00 per person. Observers are welcome for no cost.

Lunch Tavern

We're pleased to offer a lunch tavern run by Shadowed Stars' own Lady Diana. Coffee will be served as of 9:00AM, and we'll be open for lunch from 11:00AM to 2:00PM. A selection of foods including vegetarian and meat options will be available for a reasonable price.

Lunch Tavern Menu
Lunch menu subject to change

Bratwurst — $2 each
Includes sauerkraut, onions, relish, and other condiments

Soup — $2/bowl
Vegetarian option: broccoli cheese
Meat option: chili con carne

Salad — $2/bowl
Various toppings and dressings available

Pirogues — 2/$1
Potato dumplings with cheese and onion

Cheese and Crackers — $2

Cookies — 2/$1
Chocolate chip, peanut butter, and sugar

Canned soda — $1

The Shire of Shadowed Stars would like to extend a hearty thanks to Marty Hayward and her restaurant 6 Autumns Food & Spirits (3855 N. State Rd. 127, Angola, IN, 46703) for their invaluable catering and food-prep assistance.


Presented by feastocrats, Lady Solveig Sigulfsdottir and Therynn, this feast promises to be a one of the best you're likely to attend this year. Check out the menu!

Feast Prices

  • Adults: $10
  • Youth 10 and under: $6
  • Children 3 and under: FREE
  • Includes Dessert Revel!

Dessert Revel

Stick around after the last course for a sideboard filled with delightful pastries and sweets. And it wouldn't be a dessert revel without dancing, which is why we're happy to offer a selection of fun and easy-to-learn dances led by Lady Gwerith. Mingle, dance, and enjoy the company of good friends.

Feast Menu

On the Table: eggs, soft cheese, bread, butters, apples, figs, and nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts).

First Course: goat cheese, roasted beets and mixed greens salad, chicken and veggie soup, veggie soup (option for our vegetarian friends), and meat/veggie/cheese pies.

Palate Cleanser: lemon ice.

Second Course: pork roast, spinach and goat cheese quiche, roasted root vegetables, caramelized onions, and peas.

Dessert Menu

Shortbread cookies, custard and marinated strawberries, petit fours, fruit tarts, and fresh seasonal fruit.

Dance List

Even if you don't know the first thing about period dance, Shadowed Stars' Dessert Revel Dance promises to be a great time for all. We have a full evening of fun and easy-to-learn dances planned, and our Minister of Arts and Sciences, Lady Gwerith, will provide a full walkthrough before each dance. No experience needed! Check out the full dance list:

  1. Montard Bransle
  2. Pease Bransle
  3. Horses' Bransle
  4. Sellinger's Round
  5. Jenny Pluck Pears
  1. Black Nag
  2. Korobushka
  3. Washerwoman's Bransle
  4. Road to the Isles
  5. Heart's Ease
  1. Rufty Tufty
  2. Carolingian Alman
  3. Official's Bransle
  4. Petit Rien
  5. Black Alman
  • Montard Bransle,
  • Pease Bransle,
  • Horses' Bransle,
  • Sellinger's Round,
  • Jenny Pluck Pears,
  • Black Nag,
  • Korobushka,
  • Washerwoman's Bransle,
  • Road to the Isles,
  • Heart's Ease,
  • Rufty Tufty,
  • Carolingian Alman,
  • Official's Bransle,
  • Petit Rien,
  • Black Alman

Event Staff Contacts

Autocrat The Honorable Lord Ulrich of Wiard (260) 615–1734
Heavy Weapons MiC Lord Fergus MacPherson (260) 466–9462
Rapier MiC Lord Philipp Reimer von Wolfenbüttel (260) 267–0660
Hound Coursing Lady Giuliana Lucia Solari (219) 448–3830
Scavenger Hunt Coordinator Baroness Halldora
Dance Coordinator Lady Gwyrydd verch Albrecht (260) 494–5891
Feastocrat Lady Solveig Sigulfsdottir
Co-Feastocrat Therynn
Lunch Tavern Lady Diana de Daimiel
Merchant Liaison Lady Maggie MacKeith (260) 466–2102
Class Coordinator Lady Gwyrydd verch Albrecht (260) 494–5891
Webminister Lord Philipp Reimer von Wolfenbüttel (260) 267–0660